Jun. 18th, 2013 11:05 am
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Just watched the newest episode of Teen Wolf. It was a good episode and it was definitely nice to see Scott and Derek actually working together as a team and not butting heads at every turn. It was refreshing. I hope it happens more often this season especially since the stakes are up and the Alphas are killing a bunch of virgins, Boyd and Cora are crazy, and something is up with Lydia.

Things I want need  to happen:
  • Derek to be in a happy and fulfilling relationship (whether it is with Stile, Ms. Blake or a whoever, I just want him to be happy T-T)
  • for Derek to have a nice little cry/hug fest about Cora being alive
  • Allison and Isaac to be a couple ( didn't know how much I wanted it until they were looking at each other lol)
  • Scott to not feel betrayed and continue on his road to herodom or he can join Isaac and Allison
  • Sheriff Stilinski finally learns about werewolves and is totally levelheaded about it
  • for Stiles to be the one to tell his papa about them
  • Lydia to continue to be fab
  • for everyone to be nice and happy and OMG THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ME HAPPY SHOWWWWWW!!!!!
Allison has seriously been on a roll lately. While the guys are busy coming up with plans she is taking care of business. In the last episode she figured out what the girl was trying to tell her and Lydia despite the fact that Derek was like "nope nothing to see here. totes angry with you btw". This episode pretty much sealed the deal for me that Allison is the best. 


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