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Mar. 25th, 2013 12:07 am
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Just finished watching the Spanish horror film REC 3. I had seen the the first one but not the second so I was a tad bit worried that there was going to be some sort of continuation from the second movie. Obviously, as it was a horror film there was no real need for me to worry about that.
This time around the zombie apocalypse begins during the wedding reception of a young couple Koldo and Carla. At first the movie comes off as some sort of romance/family film type of affair, and in a way that makes it all the worse. You get attached to the characters to the point that I didn't want this to be a horror film. I wanted all my favorite characters to have a nice happy ending. The leads are both very likable Carl isn't your typical horror movie girl. The moment she finds out that her new husband is in danger she takes a freaking chainsaw and mows through those who were once her family and friends. Koldo does much of the same and he is in fact the more emotional of the two. What is really adorable though is that he arms himself with some armor and and a mace and goes in search for his wife as they were separated when the zombies struck.

This is a really fun movie to watch. Not exactly scary but still it has its moments.


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