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I've been playing Resident Evil 6 for the past few days with one of my friends and I really, really like it. At the moment I am currently on Leon's story, goddamn can he stop being attractive? I find it so cute that he tries to be funny at certain moments. Oh, crazy zombie times? Let's crack a really cheesy joke. That may be why I like this game so much so far. It is so gosh darn cheesy. The dialogue has it's moments of pure cheese.

I haven't gotten that far in the game yet but I have already seen Ada Wong(what a bad ass), Sherry(can she please stop being a cuties pie ass kicker?) and Jake (smoldering hot stuff. he should come with a warning). I think Jake is new to the series? But oh my goodness I just want Leon to take him under his wing. Guide him down the path of snark. I seriously can't wait to start playing Jake and Sherry's tale. So excited!

The only downside to all this is that I have to wait on my friend. She is only in town for Spring Break, once she goes back to school I won't be able to play again until she returns for summer.

I may just have to play on my own... :P


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