Aug. 21st, 2014 08:30 pm
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So, apparently it's Suikoden week or something? I've been seeing a lot of posts on Tumblr and it really rekindled my love for the series. I forgot how big the stories were and damn if it doesn't make me want to play that Suikoden III again. Suikoden II was the first the first one that I played and it 

My favorite character arc from that game in particular was Chris Lightfellow. The fact that she was the Knight Commander among a bunch of dudes like blew my ten year old mind. Discovering Chris seriously opened the doors to how I viewed fantasy and lady heroes. Ladies didn't have to be dependent on magic solely, they could be physical and leaders. 

I'm really very glad that Suikoden week is a thing. It reminded me of one of my favorite characters that I had practically forgotten.


Jun. 18th, 2013 11:05 am
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Just watched the newest episode of Teen Wolf. It was a good episode and it was definitely nice to see Scott and Derek actually working together as a team and not butting heads at every turn. It was refreshing. I hope it happens more often this season especially since the stakes are up and the Alphas are killing a bunch of virgins, Boyd and Cora are crazy, and something is up with Lydia.

Things I want need  to happen:
  • Derek to be in a happy and fulfilling relationship (whether it is with Stile, Ms. Blake or a whoever, I just want him to be happy T-T)
  • for Derek to have a nice little cry/hug fest about Cora being alive
  • Allison and Isaac to be a couple ( didn't know how much I wanted it until they were looking at each other lol)
  • Scott to not feel betrayed and continue on his road to herodom or he can join Isaac and Allison
  • Sheriff Stilinski finally learns about werewolves and is totally levelheaded about it
  • for Stiles to be the one to tell his papa about them
  • Lydia to continue to be fab
  • for everyone to be nice and happy and OMG THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ME HAPPY SHOWWWWWW!!!!!
Allison has seriously been on a roll lately. While the guys are busy coming up with plans she is taking care of business. In the last episode she figured out what the girl was trying to tell her and Lydia despite the fact that Derek was like "nope nothing to see here. totes angry with you btw". This episode pretty much sealed the deal for me that Allison is the best. 


Apr. 7th, 2013 09:27 pm
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At some point this year I am going to be moving from my hometown to a new city. This will be the first time that I will have ever moved, ever. Currently, I am touring the city of Boise where I will most likely be moving.

Before I came here I was figured that it would be more like San Jose, maybe a tad bit smaller. It is in fact very different, but in a good way. I like what I have seen so far. I love all the trees. They are really quite gorgeous.

It was obvious from the get go that this is a slower paced city. Hell, I arrived in town during prime traffic and was able to go 65 mpg. In SJ that would have been impossible. It will be weird uprooting from the place that I have known all my life. On the plus side most of my family may be moving out here. The downside I will be leaving my best friend right when she was moving back into town.

I have a lot of worries about this move. Some of them I have dealt with others are lurking waiting to arise when I least expect it. Right now though I am okay, but that can simply be a sort of quite before the storm.
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I've been playing Resident Evil 6 for the past few days with one of my friends and I really, really like it. At the moment I am currently on Leon's story, goddamn can he stop being attractive? I find it so cute that he tries to be funny at certain moments. Oh, crazy zombie times? Let's crack a really cheesy joke. That may be why I like this game so much so far. It is so gosh darn cheesy. The dialogue has it's moments of pure cheese.

I haven't gotten that far in the game yet but I have already seen Ada Wong(what a bad ass), Sherry(can she please stop being a cuties pie ass kicker?) and Jake (smoldering hot stuff. he should come with a warning). I think Jake is new to the series? But oh my goodness I just want Leon to take him under his wing. Guide him down the path of snark. I seriously can't wait to start playing Jake and Sherry's tale. So excited!

The only downside to all this is that I have to wait on my friend. She is only in town for Spring Break, once she goes back to school I won't be able to play again until she returns for summer.

I may just have to play on my own... :P

[REC 3]

Mar. 25th, 2013 12:07 am
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Just finished watching the Spanish horror film REC 3. I had seen the the first one but not the second so I was a tad bit worried that there was going to be some sort of continuation from the second movie. Obviously, as it was a horror film there was no real need for me to worry about that.
This time around the zombie apocalypse begins during the wedding reception of a young couple Koldo and Carla. At first the movie comes off as some sort of romance/family film type of affair, and in a way that makes it all the worse. You get attached to the characters to the point that I didn't want this to be a horror film. I wanted all my favorite characters to have a nice happy ending. The leads are both very likable Carl isn't your typical horror movie girl. The moment she finds out that her new husband is in danger she takes a freaking chainsaw and mows through those who were once her family and friends. Koldo does much of the same and he is in fact the more emotional of the two. What is really adorable though is that he arms himself with some armor and and a mace and goes in search for his wife as they were separated when the zombies struck.

This is a really fun movie to watch. Not exactly scary but still it has its moments.


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